Horizontal central taping machines

Binder speed, r/min under 2000
Cable passage hole, mm under 30
Number of tapes in taping machine 1, 2, 3 (max)
Roll diameter, mm 300/500
Line Speed, m/min under 30

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The line is equipped by central (concentric) taping machines. Taping head lap at 1, 2, 3 rolls together or at reel. Length of tape up to 14000 m. Tapings have spare magazine of rolls and reels. Binder rotation speed up to 2000 rpm. Machine have control tension force of conductor track and tapes. Input parameters of the process make by graphical user interface (HMI). Maintaining the preset parameters, error identification and stop of line PLC (master controller) performs in automatic mode.

Line composition:

  1. Pay-off
  2. Panel-beater
  3. Taping machines
  4. Pull-off device
  5. Take-up

Number of taping heads and number of tapes defines by customer's requirements.

Bobbin diameter 500, 630....1250....160

Outfit line of machines:

1. Pay-off:

  • Control tension force
  • Bobbin hoist
  • Pneumatic braking system

2. Panel-beater:

3. Taping machine:

  • Control of tape tension
  • Control of tape breakage
  • Adjustable gauges
  • Safety cabinet
  • Internal light
  • Spare magazine for reels and bobbin
Tape tension, Н 5 - 50
Conductor section, mm2 15 - 40
Diameter of bobbin/reel, mm 300/600
Sleeve diameter, mm 76
Tape width, mm 6 - 30
Rotational speed, rpm under 2000

4. Pull-off capstan:

Tracking force, Н under 6000
Tape holddown pneumo
Tape tension pneumo

5. Receiver:

  • Control of conductor tension
  • Reel hoist
  • Traversing unit by UHING