Horizontal concentric taping machine

The machine is designed for taping cables and conductors used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear and other industries.

Winding head speed, rpm 1800
Conductor cross-section, mm2 0,75 - 240
Diameter of tape pads, mm 320
Tape width, mm 4 - 22
Line Speed, m/min under 20

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The machine is equipped with concentric taping heads. Taping head rotation speed under to 1800 rpm. Taping machine equipped with control systems for tension, end and break of the tape. The machine has a spare magazine for reels or bobbins.

Input parameters of the process make by graphical user interface (HMI). Maintenance of the specified parameters of the machine is carried out by PLC (control controller) in automatic mode.

The basic structure of the taping line includes:

1. Pay-off:

  • Control tension force
  • Bobbin hoist
  • Pneumatic braking system

2. Panel-beater:

  • Alignment and cleaning of the conductor.

3. Taping machine:

  • Control of tape tension
  • Control of tape breakage
  • Adjustable gauges
  • Safety cabinet
  • Internal light
  • Spare magazine for reels and bobbin
Tape tension, N 5 - 50
Conductor section, mm2 0,75 - 240
Diameter of tape pads, mm 320
Sleeve diameter, mm 76
Tape width, mm 4 - 20
Rotational speed, rpm under 1800

4. Caterpillar:

  • Conductor clamping force control

5. Take-up:

  • Control of conductor tension
  • Drum hoist
  • Automatic cable traversing on the drum