Machines for armouring of cable and pipe with steel tape

The lines are designed to armouring with steel tape for cables and polyethylene pipe for the construction, oil and gas production, geological exploration and other industries.
Line of steel strip armouring of cable for oil-submersible pump LBK 07
Cross section of armoured cable round, rectangular
Cross section of strand, mm 10 - 35
Feedthrough hole diameter for cable, mm 45
Strip width, mm 10 - 20
Speed of binder, rmp 700
Winding pitch, mm 5 - 14

Line is used for strip armouring of oil submersible logging cable with interlock.

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Lines for tape armouring of cables and polyethylene pipe
Tape material steel, copper, aluminum
Tape width, mm 10 - 60
Tape thickness, mm 0,15 – 0,7
Diameter of tape pads, mm under 700
Diameter of cable/pipe, mm 7 - 100

The lines are designed to armouring with tape without interlock for cables and polyethylene pipe.

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