Line of steel strip armouring of cable for oil-submersible pump LBK 07

Line is used for strip armouring of oil submersible logging cable with interlock.

Cross section of armoured cable round, rectangular
Cross section of strand, mm 10 - 35
Feedthrough hole diameter for cable, mm 45
Strip width, mm 10 - 20
Speed of binder, rmp 700
Winding pitch, mm 5 - 14

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Strip armouring line is used for the production of armoured cables with interlock. It is also equipped by taping head (s) for pre laying of non-woven base under the armour, and device have a marking.

Control System of line formed on the basis PLC. Coordination is electronic between units of the line. Automatically maintaining of work parameter: winding pitch of strip, tension of armoured cable, layout step. The current settings are displayed on the operator panel.

The basic structure of the line:

  • Takeoff
  • 3 separate drums (knee-type) with electric elevators
  • Taping head for non-woven strips
  • Armouring winding machine
  • Telfer
  • Pay-off stand of steel strip
  • Сable length counter
  • Pull-off device (wheel or striped type)
  • The winding machine of console or columnar type with additory operating desk
  • Central Control Desk
  • Centralize Electrical cabinet