Machine for the insulation of circular conductor, sector-shaped core and cable products, by paper and synthetic strips.

Speed of binder, r/min 800
Aperture of cable penetration, mm 100
Conductor cross-section, mm 240
Number of strip in taping head 4
Diameter of the strip roll, mm 500

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Machine consist of units fit up individual drive with operation of total controller. touch panel operator (OP) is used for input parameters and visualization of process status. User-friendly menu based on the program developed by our engineers requires a 3 main parameters (speed of the machine, move the tape is applied, the tensile force on the unwinding and winding of the cable products) to activate the machine. The control system support a task automatically. The settings can be corrected by operator during the work of the machine. Operating system (OS) controls the integrity and the minimum diameter of the roller tape, cable breakdown, the pressure level in the pneumatic system, the supply voltage. Deviations in the form of errors are displayed on the OP.

Pay off
Hoist of drum electromechanic
Drum clamp electromechanic
Control of unwinding speed compensator
Control of cable breakdown +
Taping head
Type tangential
Tangential heads 4
Control of tension +
Control of belt break +
Control of minimum roller diameter +
Emergency brake +
Protective cabinet with lighting +
Type belt
Drive of tension and pressure belt pneumatic
Extensiometer +
Take up drum
Hoist of drum electromechanic
Drum clamp electromechanic
Control of tension +
Type of spreader device electromechanic