Machine series MRB

Machine series MRB

Material сutting paper, PE, PET, mica
Cutting speed, m/min under 450
Unwinding roll width, mm under 1300
Unwinding roll diameter, mm under 1100
Winding roller width, mm from 8
Winding roller diameter, mm under 900
Diameter of the roll sleeve, mm 76/152
Precision cutting, mm 0,01

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Slitter machine is designed for high-precision cutting of insulation materials in the process of rewinding. Finished products are rolls of necessary width and a preset winding density of the material. Application of tape roller- insulating machine of cable production, etc.

Machinery has options:

  • Clamping unwinding and rewinding rolls on pneumatic shafts
  • Tracking system leaf edge web and automatic adjustment during operation
  • Control of clamp shafts
  • B to the sensor from accidental starting when unfastened unwind shaft
  • Automatic pneumatic disc brake system of roll unwind
  • Automatic system of supporting the material tension force with adjustable ratio of tension of the material on the unwinding and winding
  • Automatic support of the cutting speed
  • Control system of winding density
  • Individual interior lighting
  • Diameter rolls measuring devices (on unwind and rewind)
  • Meter length of the material on winding
  • АС servo motor rotation knife shaft
  • Cutting system of material knife-counterknife
  • Quick-change system knife shaft when changing cutting mode
  • Individual asynchronous servomotors on each take-up shafts and intermediate broaching shaft
  • Winding roles in 2-stream into two shafts alternately
  • Automatic control break material with automatic stop of working machine
  • Touch screen display
  • Removal system (aspiration)
  • Two control panels of the machine in the winding and unwinding zone

Machines differ by production and utilizable materials.

Process material: cable, crepe, semiconducting paper, PETF, PE, mica tape, Al/PE, foil paper.

Winding roll width, mm 500 - 1300
Maximum diameter of parent reel, mm 1100
Inner diameter unwinding roll sleeve, mm 76/152
Inner diameter wind up roll sleeve, mm 76
Maximum width of the peeled strip, mm 10
Limit deviation from the preset tape width, mm ±3
Cutting speed, m/min under 450
Electric supply 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Required pressure of pneumatic system, MPa 0,55 - 0,6
Maximum dependable capacity, kW 37
Noise level at maximum speed, dB max 85
Accuracy of winding diameter, mm ±2
Accuracy of length per reel, m ±0,05
Number of take-up shaft 2
Lifting system of unwinding roll automated
Tracing for edge pay-off roll automatic
Adjusting position of pay-off roll automated
Removing the sheared edge external aspiration system
Cutting mode knife disk
Keeping preset tension in the zones of the winding and unwinding automated
Keeping preset of pressure contact in depends of wind-up roll diameter and windup speed automated
Stopping the machine due to broken material automated
Stopping the machine at the specified diameter and length of the winding automated
Operating system Siemens
Machine weight without control cabinets, kg 4800
Overall size: Height/Length/Width, mm 1854/2300/2584