Steam type cross-linking chambers

Drum diameter, mm max 3200
Steam temperature, °С max 110
Humidity, % 40 - 90
Steam generation autonomous
Control system automatic

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The chamber is designed for cross-linking of polyethylene insulation of cable products. Process parameters are entered on a touch-type display and are supported in an automatic mode. The internal convection system ensures uniform temperature and humidity inside the chamber. The chambers are equipped with a steam generator, steam and condensate removal systems.

The design of the chamber is sealed. Inlet gates can be of swing or retractable type.

Drum diameter, mm under 3200
Maximum capacity of the camera 6*3200
Chamber wall thickness, mm 165
Temperature range, °С 40 - 90
Temperature control Temperature sensors
Moisture control Hygrometer
Extra moisturizing Fine dispersion cloud
Maximum level of humidity, % 80 - 98
Continuous operation time adjustable