Line of cable armouring by wire LBK-08

Line is designed for cable of fibre-optic armouring by steel wire for breaking strength up to 900 H/mm.

Diameter of pass aperture for cable, mm 110
Number of wires, mm up to 48
Diameter of spools with wires, mm 400
Rotational speed, rpm 80

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Structure of line:

  • Giving of driving device
  • Controller of tension
  • Twisting unit or with feeding device. Twisting unit is equipped with pneumatic system of emergency braking
  • Traction equipment (draw-gear) of rolling tipe
  • Receiving unit
  • Panel of control
  • Electric Cabinet

The control system of the line is formed on the base PLC+ HMI (transmission is not apply).

Control system check:

  • The tension of cable
  • The winding pitch
  • Step of cable layout
  • Frequency of rotation carriage
  • Length of cable

Program of control produce by “CZMP” Ltd.

Line can be equipped with machine for rewinding of steel wire from spool diameter 500/630/800 mm to technologic spool of carriage.

Diameter overlay wire of tempered steel, mm 0,9 - 2,5
Step of cable layout, mm 80 - 500
Max. line speed of armouring, m/min 40
Diameter flange of reel, mm 400
Rotation of stranding machine, rpm max 80
Diameter flange take-off reel, mm 800...1600/2200/3000
Diameter flange take-up reel, mm 800...1600/2200/3000
The tension force, Н 3000 - 12000
Pressure in pneumatic system, atm 5 - 6